Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tips, Tricks and Recipes From The Garden

We're knee deep is summer squash right now. I don't plant very many plants, but they sure do produce like crazy! We don't really care for canned or frozen squash (gag), so I don't put up much of it.
But I do put up a few quarts of frozen yellow squash slices for casseroles. I steam or boil (do whatever is easiest for you) a large pot of slices for about 10 minutes, cool in cold water and pack in quart freezer containers. When ready to use, thaw, drain any liquids and casserole 'em up.
And, I also put up a few quarts of frozen, grated zucchini squash for breads, casseroles and zuke puffs. To do this, I simply grate the zukes and pack in freezer containers. When ready to use, thaw, SQUEEZE out the liquid and continue with your recipe of choice.

So, if your squash is starting to take over the frig and your friends are locking their doors when they see you coming, try these simple tips. I promise, the squash will taste fab in the middle of the winter, when fresh, local produce is scarce.
Stay tuned for more Tips 'n Tricks.
Until next time.....


Judy said...

I am picking lots of cucumbers and squash now...tomatoes are starting especially the little ones. Can't wait for the corn!

livingglassart said...

Oh yum-I could eat summer squash everyday. Great tips on freezing them for later use.

Denise said...

I am so jealous. My garden squash and cukes aren't doing so well since we have had 24 days of rain in June! It rained yesterday and today but I am hoping for sun tomorrow and the next.... great tips and I will use them if it stops raining and they actually grow, lol.


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