Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

RoseMint Tea~
This is one of my fav Summer teas. Refreshing and good for ya. As always, sweeten to taste (or not) with whatever sweetener you use. I use honey for this one. I make this in two containers, since the rose hips take longer to steep, and combine them in the end.

1/2 cup peppermint
2 Tablespoons rose hips
1 quart boiling water - 1 pint each for the hips and mint

Steep the mint for 15 minutes and strain.
Steep the rose hips for an hour and strain.
Combine teas and sweeten to taste, if desired. Serve over ice.
P.S. It's very good combined with Vodka.
The two images, one with roses and one with peppermint, that I chose for this weeks entry come from Etsy. Click on the photos to take you to their shops. And what wonderful shops they are!
Until next time.....

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DJ said...

I <3 mint tea!!

Love your blog - the garden photos are amazing.


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